Photography has been a passion of mine for several years now. My parents gave me a camera as a Christmas gift my junior year of high school because, as I was working through my college applications, I felt that I had nothing interesting to submit. I felt like my essays and my applications did not really show any creativity on my part, and I became discouraged with the entire college process. I guess my parents thought photography would be a good way I could build a creative portfolio to submit to some of the schools I was applying to, and they were right. Ever since I received that camera all those Christmases ago, I have channeled a lot of my creative energy into capturing photos I think are beautiful.


This first image is of my family dog named Bentley.


The second image of the moon is one I took before the eclipse last year.


For some reason, last year when I lived on campus, I had really good luck with finding birds of prey like this hawk and the owl below. Both were hanging out within a 5 minute walk from my dorm.


Lastly, I have quite a few pictures of flowers and plants. I really love nature photography as you can see from all of the images here.