New Media Production was a class I was extremely nervous to take. Prior to this course, I had no coding skills whatsoever and had no idea if I could keep up in a class based in the fundamentals of coding. However, after completing our very first project, it is safe to say that I was so incredibly happy I decided to pursue the New Media Certificate. I loved how creative I was allowed to be when building my various websites and pages. I took full advantage of the creative freedom, and I really enjoyed feeling like I had made something totally on my own. This course gave me a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress, and I am sure that I will use the skills I learned in this course in the future. Even if I’m not coding websites or apps, learning how to be detail oriented and meticulous with my work will be so important in whatever my future career may be.

Links to my projects can be found below or under the production tab.